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Hi Robert.....
Sorry, I am not Robert and I don't forward mail to him.

When is Robert's autobiography coming out?
It's not, according to himself. REPORTER: "You were reportedly working on an autobiography?" DOWNEY: "I gave them back their money and said maybe another time." [Seattle Times, April 2008]

Does he read letters from fans?
Maybe, or maybe not. All you can do is take a chance.

Where can I buy Robert's music?
In most bigger record stores. If they don't have it, ask them to order it in!

How tall is Robert?
Those who have met him say he's between 5,8 and 5,9 (172-175 cm).

What brand of sunglasses did he wear in "Iron Man"?
Ray Ban style 3320 042/8Z, among others.

What brand of glasses did he wear in "Ally McBeal"?
Black Gucci, model #140GG1181, among others.

Why don't you have any information about.....?
Because this site is strictly about Robert's work and public persona.

Is Robert bipolar?
This question is included here only because so many still insists that he is and it seems impossible for him to escape this rumor. The answer is NO. Please read the below quotes.

"I gotta hit this whole thing about the bipolar. They called me up and said, 'Hi, we're from the Bipolar Association and you....' 'But I'm not.' 'Well, you've said.... ' 'No! I haven't said shit. Dr. Malibusian said...' And they go, 'Well, it's been written, so we're going to quote it.' Is it all right if I weigh in here? Because although I can say sometimes I wanna shop a lot and sometimes I just wanna watch ESPN and jerk off and eat ice cream, I'm not fuckin' depressed or manic. I've been told I was an axis 2.94 disorder, but the guy I was seeing didn't know I was smokin' crack in his bathroom. You can't make a diagnosis until somebody's fuckin' sober." [Esquire, March 2007]

Some experts suggested that rather than having a drug problem Downey was suffering from bi-polar disorder... When I raise this, he laughs. "Yeah, it's something that somebody said, but it's absolute bullshit. Left to my own devices, when I'm not strung out on narcotics, I'm absolutely normal in practically every way." [The Independent Review, March 8, 2005]

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When did you make this site, and why?
The site was created and ran by Susanne and Susan from November 2001 until 2011. It was then ran by GinaB and DrSues from July 2011 until July 2012. As the current and sole webmaster I, GinaB hope that by keeping the site going it will give visitors the chance to live the Downey experience as I have through the years. I lead a hectic life with my job but my support and love for Robert will continue to give me that extra breath to do whatever it takes to keep up with Downey Unlimited... Forever.

When did you first become a fan of RDJ?
GinaB: When I first saw Robertís gorgeous brown eyes in "Tuff Turf" January 1985, I fell in love. This began what I refer to as "THE LONG HAUL" with Robert as I followed every aspect of his career through the years. As a fan I admire and respect his amazing abilities as an actor and a musician. I think he is an incredibly gifted individual. His wit and humor continue to amaze me to this day.

What is you favorite RDJ movie?
GinaB: I LOVE THEM ALL! However, I would have to say I'm partial to "Tuff Turf" because it's where I saw Robert for the very first time. I have every movie he has ever made and I've enjoyed every role he has played. I even love him in "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" and it's just a 7 second flash of screen time. Or "Baby (Maybe) Its You" where not many can even spot him. To me it doesn't really matter what he does, I love it all. From Jimmy Parker to Julian Wells to Wolf Dangler and Lionel Sweeney straight up to Kirk Lazarus, Tony Stark, Sherlock Holmes and every character in between.

How old are you?
GinaB: Robert's age or very, very close to it!