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Downey Unlimited Forever is an unofficial fan site that is maintained by private individuals without personal financial gain. No entertainment group, movie or television studio, nor Robert Downey Jr. or his representatives, have had any input regarding its content. The information published here is gathered from interviews with featured artist plus taken from reports in various reputable trades and entertainment media.

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Layout, presentations, graphics, and most texts are copyrighted this site and you're not allowed to duplicate it elsewhere. Same goes for content that is published here with special permission from the copyright holders. Copyright on general photos, articles, videos and audios, belongs to the photographers, photo agencies, publishers and distributors respectively. However, to honor the amount of work building this site, the money spent, and because many things here are rare or even webexclusive, we ask you to please not upload the content found here elsewhere online, including various hosting services or online social networks.

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Site owner and webmaster
Gina Betters (AKA GinaB), Hollywood, California, USA.

Site history
In honor of Robert Downey Jr. this site was launched in March 2000 and was called The Bright Flame. In November of 2001, the originator teamed up with another Downey fan to share the work of webmasters. Susanne and Susan worked diligently and passionately while building the site. After going through many versions of this labor of love and several layouts over the years, in January 2003 they changed the site's name to Downey Unlimited.

DU, as we affectionately call it, has been a haven for many fans to gather and become friends. After 11 years of maintaining and monitoring DU, in July of 2011, Susan and Susanne decided for personal reasons to close Downey Unlimited. Thankfully, the love and desire to keep Downey Unlimited open was expressed by many members. GinaB became the new owner and will now keep the website's flame burning brightly under the name Downey Unlimited Forever.