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Portrait Study Portrait photos from events and movies in chronological order.
Awards & Honors List of awards and honors Robert has received during his career. Includes individual pages with detailed info, pictures, audio and video.
Acclaim We are not alone thinking Robert is great. Friends, co-workers, many critics and reporters agree.
Wing Chun Kung Fu The No 1 hobby for many years.
Man of Style Robert has a bold and interesting fashion sense. Take a look at some of his outfits.
Artwork Artwork, either by Robert himself or pieces he has been involved in.
Philanthropy Information about the various benefits and activism that Robert has been involved in.
Articles & Interviews Many articles are displayed here, along with the pictures that appeared in them. The best way to learn about a person is to listen to what he has to say.
Books & Transcripts Book excerpts, transcripts from TV shows, interviews etc.
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News Archive Archived news. Read it all if you are a true fanatic!
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Screensavers Let your computer rest peacefully with slowly shifting Downey images.
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Caricatures Fun drawings of Robert by talented caricature artists.
Simpsonized To promote the new "Simpson" movie in 2007, the site was launched. What started here as a site contest resulted in this hilarious page.

Filmography The Filmography contains links to individual pages with detailed info, pictures, videos and audios.
Discography Not only is he the best actor around, he's also a skilled musician. Listen to the clips on this page and you will agree with us!
TV Shows Lots of TV appearances. Links to individual pages with detailed info, pictures, videos and audios.
Radio Shows MP3 audio of radio interviews. And whadda you know, there are some pictures here too.
Theater Info is hard to come by since it was a long time ago Robert appeared in theater productions, but at least we have some. A few pics too.
Photo Shoots Pretty much.. what it says. Gorgeous photos of... you know who!
Premieres & Promos Film premieres, screenings, film festivals, etc. Links to individual pages with detailed info, pictures, videos and audios.
Special Events Public appearances of various kind. Links to individual pages with detailed info, pictures, videos and audios.
Magazine Covers Robert has been on the cover of many magazines around the world.
Film Posters A collection of film posters from Robert's movies.
Madame Tussauds Yes, indeed! Robert is featured in Madame Tussauds wax museums in Hollywood and London.
Endorsement Deals Ad campaigns Robert has been involved in - the ones we know about that is. Fun stuff!
Review Archive A collection of film reviews gathered from various internet sources.
Prospects Upcoming film work, past role offers, film rumors and gossip.
Co-Workers Impressive list of some of the producers, directors and co-stars Robert has worked with.
Audio & Video Index An index of all videos and audios featured within this site.

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Miscellaneous Downey inspired poems, lyrics, stories, crafts and other things, sent in by fans.
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