Adding Acoustic Insulation in an Existing Space

There are many reasons why you may be considering the installation of acoustic insulation panels in a specific room of your home.  The most popular reason is sound is coming from an exterior space and causing you or someone else to lose sleep.  The second most popular reason is you want to keep the sound that is being created inside of a room from getting out to other parts of your home or outside of your home.  Such soundproof insulation would be perfect for a home theater or a bedroom where you want to keep sounds in or keep most sounds out.

Installation of acoustic sound insulation is best when done during construction.  You many more options of products and materials since the interior of the walls are open and exposed.  Insulation materials such as spray foam and batts can easily be installed easily and more thoroughly.  Adding insulation in an existing room or space is a bit more difficult especially if your walls are not insulated or lack the right amount and type of insulation, to begin with.  You should start by first determining if any insulation is present at all.  You will need to open a small hole in the wall to see what is behind the drywall.  If some insulation is present, it may not be sufficient or the right kind.  Gaps or open spaces in wall insulation allow for some sound to still get through.

To remedy poorly insulated walls, you will need to decide if you want to remove the drywall altogether and install the right amount or type of insulation or if you want to simply spray in more insulation to make sure all crevices are filled.  Spray foam insulation can be sprayed into the wall cavity easily with the right equipment and very little damage to the existing drywall.  Holes will need to be created in strategic locations where insulation is needed.

Other soundproofing remedies may include the addition of insulation beneath your floor treatments, a denser door, double-paned windows, and if all of that still doesn’t cut it, then you should also consider adding some sound absorption paneling on the walls.   The panels help absorb sound.  Acoustic insulation materials are perfect for a home theater room and can be installed on the walls, floors, and even the ceiling if needed.