Beautify Your Lawn With A Lawn Roller

Lawns can be very difficult to maintain if one doesn’t have the right equipment. For example, seeding a new lawn can be pretty time-consuming if one doesn’t have a lawn roller for assistance. Rollers in fact are very important and useful machines for all those who have a lawn within their property. A roller can make your lawn appear well-maintained and stylish and can also help you in making sure that the surface of your lawn is smooth and there are no bulges or pits in between.

Rollers for lawns can be used for a variety of purposes: adding new sod to your lawn, laying turf, leveling a lawn or creating stripes in it. These machines are either built up of heavy constitution, or sand or water may be required by them to make them heavy. Either way, rollers tend to weigh a lot and therefore one must be really careful when employing them to maintain one’s green space.

Precision Products PLR1836 18-by-36-Inch Lawn Roller

Poly Lawn Roller Easy to Use & Highly Durable The Precision Products lawn rollers are handy for smoothing uneven ground from moles or frost heaving, packing down newly laid sod, smoothing dirt, or other rolling needs that require the heaviest weights. The poly roller drum measures 18-by-36 inches, holds 40 gallons (the 48″ carries 54 gallons)-a hefty 331 pounds (540 for the 48″) and attaches to most trailers or tractors with a universal hitch. Fill roller with water or sand; the drum is designed to resist dents, scratches, and rust. The roller is covered by a 90-day limited warranty. 18″ x 36″ or 18″ x 48″ Push or pull for multiple uses Roll to flatten sand, gravel, dirt, and more Poly roller drum is durable, long-lasting 36″ Roller weighs 47 Pounds 48″ Roller weighs 55 Pounds 90-day limited warranty Ships Quickly!

Garden Creations JB5582 Multi-Purpose Weed Roller

Control weeds safer easier and more efficient. Simply fill the applicator with weed killer and roll over weeds. Goes exactly where you roll it without affecting surrounding plants. Windproof non-spray liquid applicator rolls around trees and hedges with ease. Environmentally friendly.Features include:Large 20 fl. oz. CapacityNo drift applicator rolls herbicide exactly where you want it to goAlso great for fungicide insecticide sealer cleaner and more!Includes retail packaging

Ames True Temper 2463875 4-Cubic-Feet Easy Roller Lawn Cart

Easyroller Plus, 4.0 CUFT, Lawn Cart, 10″ Front Wheels With Tubular Steel Axle & 5″ Rear Wheels For Effortless Maneuvering & Greater Stability, Easy Pour Spout For Easy Loading & Unloading, All Poly Grey Construction With Extra Wide Wheel Base Provides Overall Stability, Flat Interior Bottom, Holds Up To 250 LB, Deep Tool Trays Keep Tools Organized, Lifetime Warranty.

Precision Products PLR1848 18-Inch by 48-Inch Poly Lawn Roller

This is a 540 pound, 54 gallon capacity lawn roller. Features: Steel tow bar, Heavy duty 18 x 48 inch poly drum and side molded spokes for additional strength.

Depending on the manner of usage, rollers for lawns are one of three types: (a) those that need to be pushed around manually, (b) those that can be pulled with a mower and (c) those that can be towed behind a tractor. The last type of rollers is especially useful where a large area of land needs to be rolled while the other two types are more suitable for private and home usage.

Many rollers are sold online today at affordable rates. So if you are planning to buy a roller soon, you should definitely look for online sales. A good quality roller should not cost you more than $250, which is a reasonable price considering the fact that these rollers are very durable. If you think you won’t be using the roller more than once or twice, you can rent a model and save your money.