The Best Simmons Beautyrest Mattress Reviews

Simmons Beautyrest is a leading manufacturer of mattresses that are based in Atlanta Georgia. The company has been operating since 1870 and is considered one of a kind.


The lifespan of these mattresses is excellent, and many of them will last between 11-12 years, which is brilliant.


The warranty program for the Simmons Beautyrest mattresses is from one year to 25 years depending on the mattress that you purchase.


You should only ever surface clean your mattress, and if possible never allow the mattress to get wet. Every mattress is different, and you need to ensure that you follow the correct cleaning techniques.


  • Available in a variety of firmness
  • Motion isolation
  • Couple friendly


  • Compression issues
  • Comfort layers thinner

Simmons Beautyrest Legend Mattress

Simmons Beautyrest Legend Plush Mattress is the right choice for a luxurious and comfortable sleeping experience. The 13-inch mattress offers exceptional durability and its BeautyPlush Smart Response Coil unit perfectly responds to the body shape and aligns with the spine to provide a comfortable plushy feel.

Its Total Beautyrest Smart Response Pocketed Coil Technology offers motion separation to provide a night of undisturbed sleep. Slow Response Trizone pad uses NXG Memory foam for head and foot while slow Recovery Latex for the central body to provide extra comfort and support to the body. The mattress takes care of a perfect and plushy sleep night after night.


Customers are pleased with this mattress. Although it is a plush mattress but provides enough firmness to the sleepers that they do not sink inside it. Some users suggest that the mattress has helped them sleep better. The mattress is affordable and offers perfect price value. Users have claimed that the mattress is durable and they wish to continue with it for years to come.

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Some users suggested that the mattress is too firm and not suitable for side sleepers and not supportive enough causing a few back problems to a few users. The price is expensive to some and some customers questioned the quality of the mattress and said that it wore out within six months.


Simmons Beautyrest Legend Plush Mattress is generally applauded and well received by the users. Its amazing incorporation of technology with a finesse of Damask covering makes it a much desirable sleeping commodity.

Its Slow recovery Response Trizone pad and Smart Response Pocketed Coil technology provide solutions for back, neck, and shoulder aches. The mattress is durable and comes with a ten-year warranty. It is indeed a complete package for a perfect, comfortable, luxurious, and plushy sleep.

Simmons Beauty Sleep mattress

For those who long for comfort, durability, and a night of refreshing sleep, Simmons is just the place to be. Simmons Beauty Sleep is a luxurious innovation that combines the most needed elements for a perfect sleep. Features 700 Series Wrapped Coil that provides exceptional motion absorbance and support.

The Air Cool Memory Foam ensures pressure relief and movement feasibility. Its luxurious knit fabric accompanied by circular knit design is soft and comfortable and adds a luxurious elegant touch to the mattress. GelTouch Foam provides a soothing touch to the mattress and helps keep the temperature moderate. Its foam-encaged edge support system maximizes the sleeping surface for a pleasant sleeping experience.


People found Simmons Beauty Sleep to be the solution for their back and neck problems. Users consider the product as affordable and it offers exactly what is advertised. It has perfect firmness and its durability has been praised by customers. Majority of the users have recommended the mattress as it was comfortable. Customers also applauded the service and home installation.


No real complaints were observed about the mattress. Very few customers complained that the mattress differed from what was advertised and that they would prefer checking it before buying. Most of the users have recommended the product.


Simmons Beauty Sleep is a delight for comfortable sleep lovers. It features amazing modern technology that features Delicate and soft fiber knitted top layer and covers its amazing GelTouch Foam layer, Air Cool Memory Foam which keeps the temperature moderate and its very supportive layer of 700 Series Wrapped Coil Technology that provides firmness and durability.

The mattress is available in different sizes and heights that fit to any standard furniture and bed. The mattress is affordable with free setup and removal of old mattress and it looks more expensive than its price.

Simmons Beautyrest Shakespeare mattress

Beautyrest Recharge Plush Shakespeare Pillowtop Mattress is a luxurious innovative mattress designed by Simmons. Its advanced features combined with the latest technology provide solutions for common sleeping problems. It has a unique and durable knit cover that wraps around the mattress layers namely the AirCool Memory Foam, AirCool Foams and Gel Touch Foam.

The layered design ensures air ventilation and temperature moderation to keep the body cool. Its knit cover provides a luxurious and comfortable feel. An additional Latex layer in the middle provides necessary back support. The mattress has a two-inch Pur Foam layer in the pillow top that adds to its elegance. The 14-inch mattress has handles for its adjustment. It also provides independent support and motion absorption to allow an undisturbed and refreshing sleep.


Users have praised the mattress and applauded its firmness. It provides the necessary support for back and side sleepers. According to them the mattress has upgraded their sleeping experience with its soft feel and firm support. Users have also complimented its size and exclaimed that the mattress gives a good value to their money.


Few of the complaints suggest that the mattress developed a slight hump in the middle because of its independent design. Complaints suggested that the mattress dipped over a period of half a year. Some customers complained that the mattress was rock firm which did not provide them with the best sleeping experience.


Simmons Beautyrest Shakespeare is a real luxury to have in a bedroom. Its AirCool Foam, AirCool Memory Foam and GelTouch foam provide air ventilation, firm support and durability. The layered design help relax body muscles by adjusting with the body shape which makes it perfect for side sleepers. The pillow top gives it an elegant look while its nit cover provides its signature luxurious and comfortable touch.

Simmons Beautyrest Hybrid Mattress

Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Hybrid Vivian Luxury Firm Mattress is a delight for firm mattress lovers. Perfect for stomach and back sleepers, the Vivian Luxury Mattress provides perfect body contouring. It features a smooth and comfortable quilt design top layer for an extra soft touch.

The AirCool Max comfort layer makes the top comfort layer which is a combination of memory foam with diamond dust to ventilate hot air and moderate temperature. Beauty Cloud memory foam together with ContourFit Gel Memory foam helps body contouring and give firm body support.

Beautyrest pocketed Coil Technology provides the necessary back support while its carbon steel-made structure provides durability and motion absorption which provides an undisturbed and comfortable sleep.


According to the reviews, the mattress keeps the temperature cool and users have preferred it over other mattresses. Its firmness and support has been very well received by users who assert that the mattress has helped them with their back and neck aches.

Its elegant and luxurious design has attracted many customers and they claim that the mattress offers great value to their money.


Some people complained that the mattress is a bit too firm for their liking. Few of them suggested that the mattress should have a flipping option to maintain its shape and design.


Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Hybrid Vivian Luxury Firm Mattress is a revolutionary mattress design with its extra luxurious features that guarantee a perfect comfortable and refreshing sleep so that you feel fresh and perform better throughout the day.

Its soft and elegant quilt top encases a combination of Air Ventilating and body contouring layers that provides essential elements for an undisturbed, exhilarating midnight sleep. The mattress is available in different sizes that fit most standard sized beds. It is one sleeping commodity that you would love to have in your bedroom.

Simmons Beautyrest Recharge

The Sealy Optimim Radiance is a mattress that uses various innovations and combines them to produce a product that caters to its owners every need while ensuring that a night of peaceful sleep is achieved.

The first layer consists of a 2 inch OptiCool Gel infused memory foam while the middle layer is also two inches thick and consists of OptiSense memory foam. The last layer is around 6 inches thick and consists of OptiSense Plus, and is present to provide support. The mattress weights 103 punds and its measurements are 80 x 60 x 10 inches.


The top layer’s job is to regulate the temperature of the mattress by withdrawing any excess heat from it, which keeps the mattress cool and comfortable throughout the night. The middle layer is present to create the feeling that the mattress was custom made for you.

This is achieved by the memory foam adjusting to your sleeping position and body weight while also reducing the effects of any moevemetn that takes place on the bed. This is largely beneficial for those who have to share a bed. The bottom layers ensure addition support which is beneficial for the longevity of the mattress.


Users have stated their dissatisfaction with the support system of the mattress, as sometimes the mattress will start to sink after a few months, which is not only pretty uncomfortable but harpers movement as well. Even rotating the bed has not proven to be a sure fix to the problem.


If you do not mind paying upwards of $1600 for a mattress that promises to deliver maximum comfort, then the Sealy Optimum Reliance Mattress is for you.

The mattress not only promises support (despite a few problems in this department), it also provides a cool, comfortable and refreshing sleep.

Simmons BeautyRest ComforPedic

The Simmons BeautyRest ComforPedic Mattress is a mattress that makes use of a variety of technologies to deliver a product that caters to the user’s every need and ensures they are fulfilled satisfactorily.

In fact, this mattress has been considered one of the leading mattresses in terms of memory foam technology, which has allowed it to provide a refreshing, cool and comfortable experience to its user. The deluxe fabric, along with the latest aesthetics, makes this mattress beautiful to look at, in addition to the myriad of benefits that it provides.


The CoolAir technology featured in the mattress combines with TruTemp Gel technology to relieve pressure while ensuring that the temperature remains moderate enough for you to enjoy your sleep. It also improves the support while drawing away the heat instead of retaining it on the surface, which could heat up the mattress and spoil the user’s sleep.

This mattress not only improves the air circulation, it also improves the breathability of the person using the mattress. It consists of several cushions which are designed to respond immediately to your movements and conform according to your body to further increase the comfort provided. The airflow in between the cushions also helps in improving the circulation of air within the mattress.


Initially, the mattress may be deemed to be too firm by users who prefer softer mattresses, though this mattress will get softer with time. Sagging and reduction in support with time are some of the major problems that have been reported by users. Off gassing is likely to occur once the product is unwrapped, though the smell is likely to dissipate soon. Other owners have reported that it is difficult to move on the bed after some time due to the mattress sinking.


If you can withstand a few temporary inconveniences in order to purchase a mattress that possesses the latest technology to ensure that you remain cool and comfortable during the night, then the BeautyRest ComforPedic Mattress is for you.

Simmons Beautyrest Black Mattress

The Simmons Beautyrest Black Mattress is a mattress that combines performance with luxury to provide its users with the ultimate experience in comfort while sleeping. This mattress is designed for the people who appreciate the grand and luxurious items in life.

This mattress comes in various sizes which include Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and Cal. King. The mattress weighs slightly over 130 pounds and its measurements are 80 x 76 x 13.5 inches.


The mattress is very firm, which in turn provides proper support to the user of the mattress. This is terrific news for the people who need support for their back and neck. This support is possible due to the Pocketed Coil technology used in the manufacture of the mattress.

The cotton fabric on top is soft to feel and luxurious to look at while the technology used to produce the mattress disseminates heat and cools the mattress to prevent a night of discomfort. Despite being firm, the mattress is still soft enough to rest comfortable on without feeling like it digs in to the body. Using the Black Series Mattress will not only ensure a comfortable night of sleep, it promises that you will wake up refreshed and rechaerged.


One of the main complaints about the memory foam mattress is related to its weight. At 132 pounds, this is one of the heavier mattresses out there and as such, can create difficulties for the owner, especially in transportation. Another factor affecting people’s decision is in its price. At nearly $2000 and sometimes going up to $4000, people are reluctant in making such an investment.


It the price is not an obstacle for you, you will find it difficult in finding a mattress that conforms to your every need and desire other than the Simmons Beautyrest Black Mattress.