Black Mold Prevention: Tips for Preventing Black Mold

Black mold, or Stachybotrys, is one of the more dangerous types of mold. Millions of homeowners around the world have had problems with mold growth in their homes. The mold appears as a slimy, greenish-black substance and tends to develop in moist areas of the home.

Although this type of mold is not typically considered as being life-threatening, it can be dangerous if left untreated. Exposure can result in anything from immune system suppression, dry and hacking cough, memory impairment, and skin rashes to food intolerances, irritable bowel syndrome, and allergies.

Taking steps to prevent mold is very important. Especially if you have already dealt with a mold problem in your home, it is crucial to take preventative measures. One of the most important steps is to keep an eye on the walls in damp rooms of the home. Downstairs dens, basements, and other rooms are the most commonly affected by mold growth.

If you ever see even just a few spots of mold growth, you still must act immediately. Often people neglect mold issues when they see there is only a bit of growth and this can be the worst move you make. Before you know it you could end up with a full-blown mold problem and be over your head.

Use a dehumidifier in areas of the home you notice are damp. This is a small machine that uses hardly any power and which will help by keeping the moisture out of the area. Even if you only turn it on through the day and turn it off before going to bed at night, it will help prevent the growth of mold.

Proper mold prevention is important whether you have already dealt with a toxic black mold problem or not. Once areas in your home begin developing mold, it is already too late and proper treatment must be taken. By doing everything you can to prevent black mold it is much to your own benefit. These are the most important tips to help with black mold prevention now and in the future.