Breadman BK1060S 2-Pound Professional Bread Maker

For those of you who want a totally hands free bread machine, this is probably it. The Breadman BK1060S is great for those who are really too busy to even add fruits and nuts to the bread.

Fully Automated
Most people don’t like the big hole that is left in the bread by the paddle, so they like bread machines that beep to tell you to remove the paddle in mid cycle. This bread machine not only has a collapsible paddle that leaves only a small hole in the bread, it also has an automatic fruit and nut dispenser, so you practically don’t have to do anything after putting in the ingredients and setting the cycle.

The Pros and Cons
Speaking of cycles, this bread machine does have a few special cycles besides the regular bread and sweet bread, like quick cycle, jam cycle and gluten free cycle. You can bake a cake with the quick cycle that uses baking soda or baking powder.

The shiny stainless steel exterior of the Breadman BK1060S 2-Pound Professional Bread Maker looks nice compared to the usual plastic exteriors so many bread machines have, but a couple of reviewers have also mentioned that the aluminum is thin and shows surface flaw easily.

The sides of this bread machine does get hot when it bakes, but what do you expect with a metal exterior? Be sure to keep it out of reach of small children and tell everyone else not to touch it while it’s operating.

This bread machine can be programmed to start baking later but a couple of users have exclaimed that the noise is loud enough to wake you up.

Breadman BK1060S 2-Pound Professional Bread Maker is not the best out there but it is an affordable bread machine for the really busy people who’d still like to bake their own.