Complete Sleep Master Mattresses Reviews

Sleep Master 6-Inch Smooth Top Therapeutic Memory Foam Mattress

Sleep Master 6-Inch Smooth Top Therapeutic Memory Foam Mattress is a lightweight mattress which is strong and thick enough to hold the body weight; has a soft contour and conforms to the body for a better quality of sleep. Continued use eliminates any discomfort and pains making it more and more comfortable to sleep on. Despite the good points, there are also some issues which came out. The mattress seemed to hold body heat making it uncomfortable to sleep because of sweating. Also, memory foam needs a solid box or narrow wood frame to prevent it from contouring through.



It is packaged nicely in a little box. Mattress opened up nicely.


Though lightweight, the mattress is strong and thick enough to hold the bodyweight without sinking in. Design is great for a back sleeper. Memory foam is firm yet with soft contour and conforms to the body allowing the person to sleep more soundly. Top layer is soft, allowing you to sink just a little bit into the bed while the bottom layer provides great support.


It is like sleeping in a cloud, so comfortable to sleep on. After days of continued use, there are no more back pains felt and as the time passes by, the quality of sleep has greatly improved. It is odor-free.



The mattress looks cheap and hard to get out from the packaging.


The mattress holds body heat making it uncomfortable throughout the night. Not suitable for side sleepers. The memory foam needs a solid box-spring or narrow divider wood frame to prevent it from contouring through.


A certain odor still lingers. Can feel thin at times, a weighted knee can push through. The mattress is barely dense enough it feels like a couple of cheap foam sponge fused altogether and causes back pains every day. The mattress is too thin; it is more like 4 inches than 6 inches.

A decent one!

With its therapeutic effects, pains and discomforts are eliminated making it more comfortable to sleep. Thus, the quality of sleep is improved.

Sleep Master 8-inch Therapeutic Comfort Premium Memory Foam Mattress

A memory foam mattress that will definitely provide not just comfort but great support, that’s what you will expect from the Sleep Master 8-inch Therapeutic Comfort Premium Memory Foam Mattress. It is composed of three layers made from the best selected materials ensuring its great quality and durability. Its composition simply eliminates all the body aches and pains that are commonly experienced during sleep. It really has this therapeutic effect. The foam mattress contains Evergreen and Active Charcoal that remove the bad odor that is commonly present in most of the memory foams in the market, leaving the foam odor-free. It also has its antimicrobial and dust-mite resistant properties which promotes a good sleeping environment. It is also a great value for your money with a 5-year limited warranty.



It has been a good aid in coming up with a very sound sleep considering that the foam is firm enough to provide the support that the body needs and it is also so soft that it gives this very comfortable feel. It is really therapeutic, that it enables the body to get rejuvenated and energized. Definitely no more aches and strains experienced.


The 8-inch Sleep Mattress is firm enough to provide the exact body support and prevents pressure points. It does not sag at all regardless of sleeping position. It also fits well in the bed without the worry of inflating the item.



The foam mattress was found to be uncomfortable to sleep on since it is not even and lumps were observed. Pressure points were felt while using this mattress and it was also very unfortunate with the fumes and bad chemical smell that it has. It did not work as expected.

Great Mattress!

A CertiPur-US Certified Foam Mattress that possesses the exceptional features everyone has been looking for. You will surely get the best sleeping experience with utmost comfort and support. It is easy in the pocket with the benefit of a 5-year limited warranty. It is indeed splendid!

Sleep Master 13-Inch Mattress

This mattress features infused memory foam, MyGel, for a refreshing, cooling and invigorating sleep experience Combined with the sturdy Pressure Relief System, you can rest assure of a peaceful and sound night’s sleep.

Memory foams are infused with Evergreen, a green tea extract to neutralize odours and ActivCharcol, purified charcoal to absorb moisture and odour-causing agents. Bio Foam, natural seed oil, is also used on all its mattresses to minimize the usage of petrol-based oils. Sleep Master adopts the “Sleep Green” motto, believing that comfort should come from using the ingredients that are safe for you and the environment.


Relaxing & cool comfort

You can experience a higher level of cool comfort with this memory foam from Sleep Master. The 2.5″ cool layering MyGel foam sits on top of 1.5″ of premium memory foam, 3″ of pressure relief foam and 6″ of support foam and gives it a sturdy yet relaxingly-soft experience.


Some airing needed to rid odours

Upon opening the package, you will realize a relatively overpowering odour, sometimes know as “off-gassing” that usually happens when you open packages that have been vacuum-sealed for some time. It is advisable that you air out the mattress for about 48-72 hours before putting on the sheets.

A cool sleeping experience

The memory foam mattress by Sleep Master provides the ideal balance between a sturdy, solid feel with the lush and cosy comfort of its gel-infused memory foam. Except for the relatively mild odour which you can air out within a few days, the 13-inch gel memory foam mattress by Sleep Master seems to deliver a comfortable, relaxing and cool sleeping experience.

Sleep master tight top deluxe Mattress

The Tight Top Deluxe is available in Twin, Full, Queen and King sizes. The mattress layers include a seven inch iCoil base with a one inch high density foam. The individual coils in the iCoil base minimize motion transfer. The mattress foam is Centripur-US certified. It is delivered by being compressed in a small box.


One of the most appealing qualities is that it has a five year warranty. It is vacuum packed and rolled up in a box that would save up on shipping costs. The Tight Top Deluxe is a firm yet comfortable mattress. It has the same feel as that of a memory foam mattress with the exclusion of the hotness. It has the right amount of padding for an adult and child alike. It can also withstand a fair amount of pressure and weight.


Although the Tight Top Deluxe is very comfortable at first, it is not as durable as one might have hoped. Within a year it starts to sag a little depending on the level of use of course. The coil springs in the mattress are very prominent even during sleep which hence becomes very uncomfortable. If you are unhappy with this mattress and wish to return it, it is a great hassle because of it voluminous size and the return shipping charges are great indeed.

Not as good as hoped

The Tight Top Deluxe has equal pros and cons. Even though it was crafted for comfort, its coil springs provide great discomfort even while you are asleep. It also loses its shape quite sooner than one might have hoped and sags. Therefore my verdict and suggestion would be to avoid it unless you have no other choice.