Cuisinart Bread Machine

Coming from a famous company with good rapport for manufacturing various electronic products, it’s a no brainer that Cuisinart bread makers are among the most popular in the market. Each model is designed to make it special and appealing to the needs of different customers.
From my own experience, and that of many other customers, the bread comes out delicious and perfect. They are usually easy to clean thanks to non-stick properties used to coat the baking surfaces. Appearance-wise, Cuisinart’s design are usually sleek and stylish – making its bread maker perfect for any home.

Cuisinart CBK-200 2-Pound Convection Automatic Breadmaker

As long that I’ve used this Cuisinart bread maker, it has given me perfectly shaped and hearty breads. While this bread machine is easy enough to use with foolproof settings and choices and a readable display, there is a learning curve. For example, over time I have found that if you take out the loaf pan immediately when the cycle ends, and remove the bread from the pan to let it air before serving, you can have tastier and chewier bread. This also prevents the bread from over baking in the hot pan.

For the more experienced baker, this Convection Automatic Breadmaker has endless combinations of pre-programmed settings and options. However, you cannot change the programs or tweak the settings in the middle of a cycle if you want. So if you are a baking expert who likes to fully customize your baking, this might be a downside, but if you’re happy to leave the baking to the machine after choosing your settings, this is a great machine.

Cuisinart CBK-100 2-Pound Programmable Breadmaker

The CBK-100 one of the most popular Cuisinart bread machines for a consistent supply of yummy bread and it’s also the best bread machine for gluten free bread! People with a gluten free diet loves this bread machine because it makes the tastiest gluten free bread.

It makes small loaves of breads, between 1 to 2 pounds, with 12 pre-programmed baking settings, including 3 crust settings options. The color and taste of the crust is excellent – it is among the best bread that I have ever had.

It is super easy to clean too. The non-stick lid, baking pan and kneading paddles are easily removable for cleaning. The machine will beep a few times in each cycle so that you will know what is the progress of your bread. The only drawback that I could think of is that the beeps can be loud as there is no way to reduce the volume.

Cuisinart BMKR-200PC Fully Automatic Compact Bread Maker

For an inexpensive version of the previous two models, all you need to do is get this one. Its default setting is the “Artisan” option for a rich, textured crunchy loaf. The rich crispy texture is the result of the convection feature that circulates the air in the machine during baking. This lets the heat envelope the dough and result in a more even baking. The gluten free setting works well too.