Deciding on a Filing Cabinet

Once you have made the smart decision to invest some of your hard earn money in a filing cabinet to organize all your paperwork, you should do some thorough research in order to make a well-informed decision.

You will no doubt run into a vast array of filing cabinets in your local office furniture shop, department stores and not to even mention online. There are filing cabinets made from metal, wood, and even plastic. You can get vertical filing cabinets, lateral filing cabinets, and flat filing cabinets. The sizes and color can vary as well – should you go for a black 2 Drawer Filing Cabinet or a white 4 drawer filing cabinet?

To start you off, a particular brand and model which is renowned for being a good quality filing cabinet is the Hon 2 drawer filing cabinet range. Whichever you end up choosing, ensure that you have a set of criteria against which to compare.

Why all the fuss with filing cabinets? They without a doubt can be a very useful device for storing all your paperwork and files. Aside from the practicality, if you choose just the right design and style, it can blend well with your office room, thereby improving the overall aesthetics.

Personally, I found that a wooden 4 drawer filing cabinet works very well for my office. Whichever one you decide on, as you do your shopping, you should take care to check the product thoroughly before handing over your cash. As obvious as this may sound now, I didn’t know at the time of purchase that you should check whether the wood is solid or just laminated on the surface.

Wooden filing cabinets come as either a block of solid wood or are made from medium-density fiberboards (MDF) with laminated wood. The former is significantly more expensive than the latter which merely looks like wood but of course, is not on the same level of quality. If you are low on a budget, then the MDF filing cabinet is a fine choice, but make sure that the manufacturer or seller advertises it as such and prices accordingly.