Different Styles for a Traditional Living Room Sofa

A traditional living room sofa can be an area where your family can gather, but you can still entertain guests. In the past these pieces haven’t been that comfortable and the trend really is towards using a dual purpose for a room just because most families like to live in every single room in their home.

One style that is always pretty popular but very elegant at the same time is an Old Hollywood kind of look. They should have faux silk or satin fabric on it but you do need to make sure that it’s still durable enough to survive your family’s needs. This is very opulent in feeling and really focuses on shine. It’s a way to get more important to a piece of solid color fabric. The lines of this piece should be very graceful with subtle details. The back should be a little bit lower and it should have wood accents. This is a way to get an elegant air that isn’t too formal but still has a vintage look to it. Vintage doesn’t always have to look old. It can be quite contemporary in feeling just as long as you use new fabric and quality construction.

In a lot of designer magazines, you’ll see very traditional lines with more fun prints to them. You could try painting one of these yourself on a slipcover just so that you don’t ruin your whole sofa. It will take a little bit of practice and you probably want to come up with your own design and color palette. You also could go with more of a worn finish. You could start out by trying this on an accent pillow. Numbers and postage seem to be very popular so this is a way that you could give a little bit of a more trendy pattern to just a very basic sofa without having to spend thousands of dollars on it.