Different Uses for Solar Lights

If you are thinking about installing solar landscape lighting in your garden or yard you need to be aware of the various options that are available. Perhaps you want to light a walkway for increased safety at night or maybe you would like to add some atmosphere to your garden landscaping. Regardless of your reason, if you are interested in purchasing solar lights it will help if you know a little something about the different kinds that are available.

Accent lights will glow softly and are often strategically placed to highlight a particular area. They will not provide a great deal of illumination but they will stay lit for quite some time after you fully charge them. These lights will often include a solar panel that can be mounted in a separate location. This allows you to install the lamps in a shady area and they will still work just fine as long as the panel receives sunlight.

Moonrays 91211 Solar Powered Rock Spotlight with Key Hider Garden Accent

For something brighter, look at path lights. The life of a charged light is approximately eight to ten hours, which is less than accent lamps. These are the simplest kind to install because they have a built in solar panel. The units can be used to outline a driveway, walkway or garden path for increased safety after dark.

Moonrays 91225 Verona Style Solar Powered Plastic Path Light, Black, 10 Pack

Spot lights are brighter than path lights but, like accent lamps, will typically be powered by a panel that is separate from the lamp itself. Use these lights to focus on some distant object like a tree or tall bush. You can hide spot lights out of sight and direct the beam to wherever you want.

Pine Top 508-0006C Steel Solar Spot Light, Copper

For the brightest light of all, you want to purchase flood lights. These will not last very long but since they are usually used for security, they do not really need to. Motion sensors are often built into the units so they will only come on when something is moving nearby. They do not stay lit continuously, so the charge will easily last overnight.

Malibu 3 Pack Solar Landscape Plastic Flood Light Set with Remote Panel, Textured Black #LZ413

This is a quick overview of the solar light types you can choose from for your garden, deck or backyard. This is by no means a comprehensive list but it will get you started on your own research. Make sure you understand your specific needs and plan your solar light project appropriately. The better informed you are about your purchase; the happier you will be with the results.