Find A Television Stand For Your Home

For many people, the TV takes pride of place in their living room but many modern TVs are now so large that finding a good way to display them can be tricky.

Hanging a TV directly from the wall is only convenient if you have a thin LCD, plasma, or LED television. Even if you do have a TV of this type, hanging it on the wall will immediately give the room it is in a certain ‘feel’. The room will feel less cozy and more minimalistic and in addition, it will only serve to make the TV the focal point of the room. A lot of people would prefer the TV to be a useful part of the living room rather than the dominating feature of it.

This is where TV stands come in useful. From glass TV stands to those that incorporate bookcases, there is a design to suit almost every Television and almost every home.

We will now discuss some of the stands that are available for different situations and how much on average you can expect to pay for them.

For a cheap and cheerful glass TV stand, look no further than Target. They sell a basic glass TV stand for $99.99. It will support up to medium sized televisions and comes at a very reasonable price. It is quite a plain design however and if you want something more up market then you could try something like the BDI Deploy 61″ TV Stand which combines glass with espresso colored wood for a striking modern stand design. This stand has a list price of $995 although you can find it much cheaper than this online.

Level Mount 3 Color Universal Tv,Accessory Stand

If you are looking for TV stands with a bit more functionality then consider one with a hutch. A beautiful example would be the JSP Maestro Plasma Wall Panel Home Theater stand which retails for $2399. This is very expensive but will transform the room it is placed in.

Finally, if you are short of space, you could look at corner television stands like the Walker Edison Castillo 44 inch Corner Wood TV Console in Black which retails for around $339. This will allow you to make use of the awkward corner of a room.

Walker Edison Regal 60-In. 4-in-1 TV Stand with Mount

This luxurious 4-in-1 TV stand with removable mount features a modern design with spacious shelving, providing ample room for all AV components and TV’s up to 65 in. Powder coated steel frame, thick beveled tempered safety glass, and solid hardwood front add to the distinctive look while offering a sturdy and unique design.

Walker Edison Bermuda 44-Inch Corner TV Stand, Clear/Silver

This contemporary TV stand offers a stylish modern design crafted with durable chrome metal tubing and thick tempered safety glass. Three levels of shelving and a corner design saves space with style. This unit can accommodate TVs up to 48” and 250lbs. All levels of glass are securely fastened offering rugged construction while maintaining a well-designed look.

Hopefully this short article has given you some great ideas. Look online for all kinds of deals on TV consoles, stands, corner units and much more. No matter what your budget you will be sure to find a stand somewhere that will be up to the job.