How To Choose A Bread Machine

As with all things in life, to do something one must know how to go about doing it. When choosing a bread machine, there are a few things to look for to ensure that your bread machine experience will be nothing less than perfect. Anybody serious about the whole process should read on and discover how to choose a bread machine and what finer points to consider before paying good money for a bread machine of your own.

Space To Put Bread Machine

The first thing one should remind oneself with is to make sure that there is space in the kitchen for a bread machine. One of the main problem bread machine owner face is no space to put or store the bread machine. Without storage space, there is no point in buying a bread machine in the first place.

Size Of Loaves

Besides that, the capacity of the bread machine will also count for something. A quick look at the pan in the bread machine will give one a rough idea of the size of the loaves. Never buy one with too large capacity than necessary because home made bread does not last as long as store brought bread due to its lack of preservatives. But do keep in mind that if your family consumes a small amount of bread now, once you purchase your new bread machine, it’s more likely that the bread consumption will be increase so choose a slightly larger size but not too large bread machine.


Always check the settings of the model you are intending to buy. The specifications are quite important, because they will determine what you can or cannot do with your bread machine.

A bread machine with a delay timer will ensure that ingredients can be placed in the bread machine overnight and fresh bread can be had for breakfast. A bread maker that will only make dough and not bake it as well can make dough for pizza and other baked goods.

A bread maker that can signal you to add ingredients during the bread making process helps make nut bread or add fruits to your bread for a healthier option.

keep-warm option can also be an inclusion in your criteria if you think you won’t be there when the bread is done. Other specifications to look for include different cycles like whole wheat, French bread, fruit or nut.


The last thing to remember and to check for is a good warranty and servicing options to safeguard your investment should anything go wrong.