Ottoman Beds Work Well in Small Spaces

Ottoman beds are the best thing to happen to furniture since the Murphy Bed! While much smaller than a Murphy, they’re still much more functional. As a matter of fact, the ottoman bed is probably the most multipurpose furnishing to hit the home décor industry.

Like their name infers, ottoman beds are ottomans that transition into beds – in less than a minute! So, not only are these cleverly concealed beds ready, willing, and able to serve at the drop of a hat, they’re also always serving as an ottoman as well! Throw your legs up on it, rest your tray of drinks on it, use it for extra seating too but, when it’s time for overnight guests, pop it open and you’re all set! Ottoman beds are terrific pieces for small spaces. When square footage is in short supply such as in urban high-rise apartments, college dorms, one-room starter apartments, and kid’s rooms, the ottoman bed is the perfect solution for overnight visitors.

Its dimensions vary by style and designer, but when closed the ottoman bed is usually no bigger than the average coffee table (as a matter of fact, most homeowners use it instead of a traditional coffee table.) When open, they’re no larger than a twin bed and the best thing is there are no extra couch pillows to hide away or throw on the floor in order to open it. Ottoman beds are all-inclusive and there are no extra pieces except that some models feature an ottoman slipcover. In the case of a slipcover, it’s no bigger than a sheet and can easily be put away in a closet for the night. Ottoman beds are available in many different styles to fit any existing décor from traditional to contemporary and come in various fabrics from micro-fiber to leather.

Some ottoman beds are opened with the same type of mechanism that a sofa bed utilizes and others are folded out without the use of any metal mechanisms. This type of ottoman bed is safest for use in children’s rooms because there’s no chance of fingers getting caught so keep that in mind when purchasing one for your son or daughter.

Shopping for ottoman beds is easiest when done online because not all furniture stores carry them. They’re quite a specialty product and the Internet has the most vast selection available. Also, many Internet ottoman bed retailers offer free or very low-cost shipping which makes shopping online better than ever!