Ideas For Stretching Space

When it comes to the kitchen lets face it, keeping the counters clean and usable for food preparation can be a challenge especially if you’ve got young children running around and tearing your pantry and refrigerator apart. Aside from trying to figure out effective kitchen storage just keeping your counters clean can do wonders for your kitchen and not as obviously, your peace of mind. From kitchen storage canisters to kitchen storage jars there are numerous ways to keep your kitchen clean and functioning efficiently. I’ve listed below some ideas for keeping your kitchen clean and always ready for preparing scrumptious meals.

  • Add open shelving for cookbooks, displays of attractive serving bowls and dishes, stemware, vases, or baskets.
  • Display pots and pans by hanging a wall grid or a ceiling rack above the stove. This option works best if you keep pots and pans clean and attractive.
  • Install under the cabinet models of appliances such as coffeemakers, toaster ovens, microwaves, and blenders to free counter space.
  • Mount magnetic strips along with the backsplash for hanging knives and cooking utensils – a popular European design.
  • Install a freestanding pantry or shelving unit in a corner or under a window to add storage without taking up much floor space.
  • Buy a wheeled cart with a butcher block top and cabinet space below for use as a portable food preparation area. When it is not in use just roll it out of the way.

Implement these tips and ideas at will. Some will work better for you than others and these hopefully have given you ideas of your own that you can put to use immediately in your own kitchen. If you come up with some good ideas be sure to write them down and let me know as I and other readers are always looking for good ideas to organize the homes and kitchens. These ideas will all free up that counter space and free up your mind. It’s hard to find something nicer than coming home to a quiet, clean kitchen ready to be used for some delicious meal making.

Oxo Good Grips POP Big Square 4-Quart Storage Container

The OXO Good Grips POP Containers are airtight, stackable, and space-efficient, making it easy to keep your dry foods fresh and your kitchen organized. The Containers have a unique push-button mechanism that creates an airtight seal with just one touch. The button also serves as a handle to lift off the lid. The Containers are designed for modular stacking so that you can efficiently organize your countertop and pantry. In addition, with their square and rectangular shapes, the POP Containers make the most of any storage space, while their corners allow for easy pouring. The POP Containers are available in 11 different sizes to meet your dry food storage needs. They are also great for use in the garage, sewing room, playroom, and more; in fact, the Containers can be used in so many places that you¿ll want them POPping up everywhere. The lid comes apart for thorough cleaning.

Oggi EZ Grip Handle Ceramic 4 Piece Canister Set, Black

With innovative designs and contemporary finishes, Oggi’s kitchen and bath wares are truly tomorrow’s housewares. Oggi’s 4 Piece EZ Grip Airtight Ceramic Canisters are no exception. Not only are these canisters attractive, with their modern and unique design, they’re also practical. Keep your dry goods dry and safe from the air. They offer chrome locking clamps with silicone gaskets so your food will stay fresh. Stainless steel spoons are included and fit neatly in a ceramic loop on the front of each container. Plus, each piece has an EZ grip, so moving and pouring will be sure and easy. Four individual sizes: 5-1/4, 6, 7, and 8 inches in height. Dishwasher safe, top rack only. Black.

Polder Stainless Steel Window Canister Set with Lids

These modern stainless steel canisters feature large viewing windows on the side so that you can easily determine the contents, as well as the amount of whatever is within. Airtight lids fit snugly, yet pop off without a struggle. Smooth and sleek, in a brushed finish that will complement your stainless steel appliances.

Oxo Good Grips POP Rectangle 1-1/2-Quart Storage Container

The OXO Good Grips POP Containers are airtight, stackable, and space-efficient, making it easy to keep your dry foods fresh and your kitchen organized. The Containers have a unique push-button mechanism that creates an airtight seal with just one touch. The button also serves as a handle to lift off the lid. The Containers are designed for modular stacking so that you can efficiently organize your countertop and pantry. In addition, with their square and rectangular shapes, the POP Containers make the most of any storage space, while their corners allow for easy pouring. The POP Containers are available in 11 different sizes to meet your dry food storage needs. They are also great for use in the garage, sewing room, playroom, and more; in fact, the Containers can be used in so many places that you¿ll want them POPping up everywhere. The lid comes apart for thorough cleaning.


The Importance Of A Kitchen Exhaust Fan

Kitchen exhaust fans are an important accessory to many new American kitchens. There are several advantages to having a kitchen exhaust fan when cooking. However, one must take care to maintain them, or they can be costly to fix and clean. When cooking, many people end up in a situation where their dish begins producing large amounts of smoke, or they end up burning the main course in the oven. When these events happen, most people end up having to swing doors open and push windows up in order to clear up half of the house of the blinding and often stinky smoke that engulfs its rooms.

Even in less extreme cases, certain foods tend to leave behind an undesirable odor as they’re being cooked, an odor that can linger for hours. Also while cooking, a great deal of steam is released into the air. This steam is moisture, which can get into nooks and crannies, creating the perfect growing environment for molds and mildews. These create three things in the long run: odors that are a pain to get rid of, a massive health risk, and potential damage to your home that can reduce its value.

An exhaust vent above the stove can often stave off these problems. Many newer homes have kitchen exhaust vents built-in during their construction, but a number of the older homes are without them. To install a kitchen exhaust vent generally isn’t too much of a time-consuming process, but it can be expensive and difficult. Creating new passageways through one’s attic and creating a new exhaust port in the roof can be damaging to the house if one is an amateur at this. One must also know the correct circumstances needed to install an exhaust vent, as doing so poorly can be either ineffective and sometimes downright dangerous. However, installing this small accessory in one’s kitchen can often stave off complications that could just extend the time a meal takes to cook or complications that can ruin one’s life. Kitchen exhaust vents are definitely worth looking into as an investment for one’s home. Visit kitchen hood exhaust fan or stainless steel countertops for further information.

Wall Clocks – A Home Décor Classic

Wall clocks are one of the original pieces of home decor and are often taken for granted for their ability to combine fashion and function. The truth is that wall clocks have come a long way since their introduction many years ago. In fact, wall clocks are now available in many different shapes, styles, and colors, making them one of the most versatile pieces of home decor available. Perhaps the greatest thing about wall clocks is their application. Wall clocks can be used effectively in every room of the house including the kitchen, family room, and even on an outdoor patio.

If using a wall clock to decorate your kitchen, try to choose clocks with food or beverage themes. A kitchen can be one of more difficult rooms to enhance through décor items, though there are several clocks available that are suited just for the kitchen. A simple online search for kitchen wall clocks reveals a variety of models including some that use a fork and spoon for the minute and hour hands. Most clocks for the kitchen cost about $30-$40, though there are some available at prices above and below this range.

If you’re choosing a clock for a garage or outdoor patio, the best option might be a digital wall clock. Digital wall clocks have an industrial look to them, which allows them to fit in perfectly in such an environment. These clocks are also great since there are also models that display temperature and humidity in addition to the time. Just because these clocks are feature-packed doesn’t mean that they cost a great deal of money. In fact, you can get one of these cool clocks for about $30 through your favorite local or online retailer.

Wall clocks are a timeless piece of décor that should occupy a space in every home, office, and outdoor patio setting. Clocks are inexpensive and help you to stay on track and on time for important and unimportant events alike.


Beautify Your Lawn With A Lawn Roller

Lawns can be very difficult to maintain if one doesn’t have the right equipment. For example, seeding a new lawn can be pretty time-consuming if one doesn’t have a lawn roller for assistance. Rollers in fact are very important and useful machines for all those who have a lawn within their property. A roller can make your lawn appear well-maintained and stylish and can also help you in making sure that the surface of your lawn is smooth and there are no bulges or pits in between.

Rollers for lawns can be used for a variety of purposes: adding new sod to your lawn, laying turf, leveling a lawn or creating stripes in it. These machines are either built up of heavy constitution, or sand or water may be required by them to make them heavy. Either way, rollers tend to weigh a lot and therefore one must be really careful when employing them to maintain one’s green space.

Precision Products PLR1836 18-by-36-Inch Lawn Roller

Poly Lawn Roller Easy to Use & Highly Durable The Precision Products lawn rollers are handy for smoothing uneven ground from moles or frost heaving, packing down newly laid sod, smoothing dirt, or other rolling needs that require the heaviest weights. The poly roller drum measures 18-by-36 inches, holds 40 gallons (the 48″ carries 54 gallons)-a hefty 331 pounds (540 for the 48″) and attaches to most trailers or tractors with a universal hitch. Fill roller with water or sand; the drum is designed to resist dents, scratches, and rust. The roller is covered by a 90-day limited warranty. 18″ x 36″ or 18″ x 48″ Push or pull for multiple uses Roll to flatten sand, gravel, dirt, and more Poly roller drum is durable, long-lasting 36″ Roller weighs 47 Pounds 48″ Roller weighs 55 Pounds 90-day limited warranty Ships Quickly!

Garden Creations JB5582 Multi-Purpose Weed Roller

Control weeds safer easier and more efficient. Simply fill the applicator with weed killer and roll over weeds. Goes exactly where you roll it without affecting surrounding plants. Windproof non-spray liquid applicator rolls around trees and hedges with ease. Environmentally friendly.Features include:Large 20 fl. oz. CapacityNo drift applicator rolls herbicide exactly where you want it to goAlso great for fungicide insecticide sealer cleaner and more!Includes retail packaging

Ames True Temper 2463875 4-Cubic-Feet Easy Roller Lawn Cart

Easyroller Plus, 4.0 CUFT, Lawn Cart, 10″ Front Wheels With Tubular Steel Axle & 5″ Rear Wheels For Effortless Maneuvering & Greater Stability, Easy Pour Spout For Easy Loading & Unloading, All Poly Grey Construction With Extra Wide Wheel Base Provides Overall Stability, Flat Interior Bottom, Holds Up To 250 LB, Deep Tool Trays Keep Tools Organized, Lifetime Warranty.

Precision Products PLR1848 18-Inch by 48-Inch Poly Lawn Roller

This is a 540 pound, 54 gallon capacity lawn roller. Features: Steel tow bar, Heavy duty 18 x 48 inch poly drum and side molded spokes for additional strength.

Depending on the manner of usage, rollers for lawns are one of three types: (a) those that need to be pushed around manually, (b) those that can be pulled with a mower and (c) those that can be towed behind a tractor. The last type of rollers is especially useful where a large area of land needs to be rolled while the other two types are more suitable for private and home usage.

Many rollers are sold online today at affordable rates. So if you are planning to buy a roller soon, you should definitely look for online sales. A good quality roller should not cost you more than $250, which is a reasonable price considering the fact that these rollers are very durable. If you think you won’t be using the roller more than once or twice, you can rent a model and save your money.


Different Uses for Solar Lights

If you are thinking about installing solar landscape lighting in your garden or yard you need to be aware of the various options that are available. Perhaps you want to light a walkway for increased safety at night or maybe you would like to add some atmosphere to your garden landscaping. Regardless of your reason, if you are interested in purchasing solar lights it will help if you know a little something about the different kinds that are available.

Accent lights will glow softly and are often strategically placed to highlight a particular area. They will not provide a great deal of illumination but they will stay lit for quite some time after you fully charge them. These lights will often include a solar panel that can be mounted in a separate location. This allows you to install the lamps in a shady area and they will still work just fine as long as the panel receives sunlight.

Moonrays 91211 Solar Powered Rock Spotlight with Key Hider Garden Accent

For something brighter, look at path lights. The life of a charged light is approximately eight to ten hours, which is less than accent lamps. These are the simplest kind to install because they have a built in solar panel. The units can be used to outline a driveway, walkway or garden path for increased safety after dark.

Moonrays 91225 Verona Style Solar Powered Plastic Path Light, Black, 10 Pack

Spot lights are brighter than path lights but, like accent lamps, will typically be powered by a panel that is separate from the lamp itself. Use these lights to focus on some distant object like a tree or tall bush. You can hide spot lights out of sight and direct the beam to wherever you want.

Pine Top 508-0006C Steel Solar Spot Light, Copper

For the brightest light of all, you want to purchase flood lights. These will not last very long but since they are usually used for security, they do not really need to. Motion sensors are often built into the units so they will only come on when something is moving nearby. They do not stay lit continuously, so the charge will easily last overnight.

Malibu 3 Pack Solar Landscape Plastic Flood Light Set with Remote Panel, Textured Black #LZ413

This is a quick overview of the solar light types you can choose from for your garden, deck or backyard. This is by no means a comprehensive list but it will get you started on your own research. Make sure you understand your specific needs and plan your solar light project appropriately. The better informed you are about your purchase; the happier you will be with the results.

Multi Light Pendants Come In A Large Variety Of Styles And Colors

Multi-light pendants come in a large variety of styles and colors and are used to provide lighting for work areas, to create a romantic mood, and accent lighting. These multi-light fixtures come in different amounts of fixtures from as few as one to as many as five. There is some form of multi-pendant lights to meet any lighting need in any home to the business establishment. This lighting consists of from one to five light fixtures or lamps attached to a metal bar that is installed in the ceiling over the item or area where lighting is desired.

When it is time to purchase multi-light pendants there are some things to take into consideration such as the amount of budget available for their purchase, the area they will be used to add lighting to, the amount of lighting to meet those needs, and the decor it needs to match. Multi pendant lights come with different numbers of lighting fixtures so it is also important to know how many fixtures will be required in order to achieve the proper lighting for the space they will be installed in. Whether task or mood lighting the right number of lamps on the base will provide the proper amount of light.

When multi-light pendants are used as a tasking light they should provide much brighter light and be installed so they provide light directly over the area where the work or task will be done such as a garage or a workshop. There are task lights that are directional spotlights and are concealed for use in bedrooms as a bedside lamp that provides light to read in bed. Another type of task for multi pendant lights is a strip of light that is hung over a piece of art to highlight it and add shadowing to help bring out the artist’s unique qualities.

Royce Lighting RP21869ORB Essex Three-Light Billiard Pendant Oil Rubbed Bronze with Opal Etched Globes

RP21869ORB Finish: Oil Rubbed Bronze Pictured in oil rubbed bronze Features: -Three light billiard pendants. -Essex collection. -Available in oil-rubbed bronze or pewter finish. -Metal construction. -Colonial style with subtle detailing and understated presence. -ISTA 3A certified. -Assembly required. Specifications: -Accommodates (3) medium base bulb. -Manufacturer provides one year warranty for indoor items and three years warranty for outdoor items. -Overall dimensions: 51.25” H x 8.625” W.

Royce Lighting RP21869PW Essex Three-Light Billiard Pendant Pewter with Opal Etched Globes

RP21869PW Finish: Pewter Pictured in oil rubbed bronze Features: -Three light billiard pendants. -Essex collection. -Available in oil-rubbed bronze or pewter finish. -Metal construction. -Colonial style with subtle detailing and understated presence. -ISTA 3A certified. -Assembly required. Specifications: -Accommodates (3) medium base bulb. -Manufacturer provides one year warranty for indoor items and three years warranty for outdoor items. -Overall dimensions: 51.25” H x 8.625” W.


Using T5 Light Fixtures in Your Aquarium

T5 light bulbs are fluorescent tubes that are narrower than the typical 1 ½” diameter fluorescent tube. With the T5 designation referring to the diameter of the bulb, T5 lights are more compact and yet more powerful than the standard tube.

The new T5 technology has resulted in a bulb that is perfect for aquarium use. Because maintaining the health of the fish is of primary concern, the T5 which contains a flattering light is a better choice than a metal halide light. Using metal halides can result in a hot spot, an area where the light shines intensely on one area. Not only can this cause harm to the health of the fish, but it can also actually kill a plant that is directly underneath the light beam.

The strength of T5 lighting for aquariums is quite sufficient for an average-sized aquarium found in a home or office. Try to install an even number of tubes over your tank, with half blue and half white. Most aquarium owners have a timer to turn the lights on and off. If at all possible, install a second timer, one connected to the blue lights and one connected to the white ones. Turn the blue lights on ½ hour before the white one and then leave them on ½ hour longer. This will be very helpful in keeping algae under control.

For an aquarium owner to switch from standard fluorescent to T5 light fixtures can be a big investment. This change should be considered a long-term investment. T5 bulbs will last longer, provide greater lighting, and are much better for the occupants of your aquarium. If you currently are using metal halide, and have a deep tank with coral on the bottom, you can more economically switch to T5 by keeping one or two of the metal halide bulbs which will continue to provide the light necessary for the health of the coral. This makes a great compromise in making the move to T5 light fixtures.


Different Styles for a Traditional Living Room Sofa

A traditional living room sofa can be an area where your family can gather, but you can still entertain guests. In the past these pieces haven’t been that comfortable and the trend really is towards using a dual purpose for a room just because most families like to live in every single room in their home.

One style that is always pretty popular but very elegant at the same time is an Old Hollywood kind of look. They should have faux silk or satin fabric on it but you do need to make sure that it’s still durable enough to survive your family’s needs. This is very opulent in feeling and really focuses on shine. It’s a way to get more important to a piece of solid color fabric. The lines of this piece should be very graceful with subtle details. The back should be a little bit lower and it should have wood accents. This is a way to get an elegant air that isn’t too formal but still has a vintage look to it. Vintage doesn’t always have to look old. It can be quite contemporary in feeling just as long as you use new fabric and quality construction.

In a lot of designer magazines, you’ll see very traditional lines with more fun prints to them. You could try painting one of these yourself on a slipcover just so that you don’t ruin your whole sofa. It will take a little bit of practice and you probably want to come up with your own design and color palette. You also could go with more of a worn finish. You could start out by trying this on an accent pillow. Numbers and postage seem to be very popular so this is a way that you could give a little bit of a more trendy pattern to just a very basic sofa without having to spend thousands of dollars on it.

Find A Television Stand For Your Home

For many people, the TV takes pride of place in their living room but many modern TVs are now so large that finding a good way to display them can be tricky.

Hanging a TV directly from the wall is only convenient if you have a thin LCD, plasma, or LED television. Even if you do have a TV of this type, hanging it on the wall will immediately give the room it is in a certain ‘feel’. The room will feel less cozy and more minimalistic and in addition, it will only serve to make the TV the focal point of the room. A lot of people would prefer the TV to be a useful part of the living room rather than the dominating feature of it.

This is where TV stands come in useful. From glass TV stands to those that incorporate bookcases, there is a design to suit almost every Television and almost every home.

We will now discuss some of the stands that are available for different situations and how much on average you can expect to pay for them.

For a cheap and cheerful glass TV stand, look no further than Target. They sell a basic glass TV stand for $99.99. It will support up to medium sized televisions and comes at a very reasonable price. It is quite a plain design however and if you want something more up market then you could try something like the BDI Deploy 61″ TV Stand which combines glass with espresso colored wood for a striking modern stand design. This stand has a list price of $995 although you can find it much cheaper than this online.

Level Mount 3 Color Universal Tv,Accessory Stand

If you are looking for TV stands with a bit more functionality then consider one with a hutch. A beautiful example would be the JSP Maestro Plasma Wall Panel Home Theater stand which retails for $2399. This is very expensive but will transform the room it is placed in.

Finally, if you are short of space, you could look at corner television stands like the Walker Edison Castillo 44 inch Corner Wood TV Console in Black which retails for around $339. This will allow you to make use of the awkward corner of a room.

Walker Edison Regal 60-In. 4-in-1 TV Stand with Mount

This luxurious 4-in-1 TV stand with removable mount features a modern design with spacious shelving, providing ample room for all AV components and TV’s up to 65 in. Powder coated steel frame, thick beveled tempered safety glass, and solid hardwood front add to the distinctive look while offering a sturdy and unique design.

Walker Edison Bermuda 44-Inch Corner TV Stand, Clear/Silver

This contemporary TV stand offers a stylish modern design crafted with durable chrome metal tubing and thick tempered safety glass. Three levels of shelving and a corner design saves space with style. This unit can accommodate TVs up to 48” and 250lbs. All levels of glass are securely fastened offering rugged construction while maintaining a well-designed look.

Hopefully this short article has given you some great ideas. Look online for all kinds of deals on TV consoles, stands, corner units and much more. No matter what your budget you will be sure to find a stand somewhere that will be up to the job.

Get Your Choice In Lamps Right

There are a number of important considerations to take into account when buying a table lamp, not the least of which is what style lamp do you need to buy. The fact that many lamps, such as brass table lamps, serve as decorative objects means that it is important to use a lamp that suits the décor in the rest of the house.

Although the primary purpose of a table lamp is to provide light, the chances are the lamp won’t be the primary source of light in the room. The light from the lamp is going to compete with the overhead lighting at some stage, so it is important to have the lamp properly positioned.

The position of the lamp is also important if it is needed to perform specific tasks. Task lighting is required for people who rely on direct light to perform close work such as sewing, tapestry, and reading. These types of lamps should be positioned in such a way that they will only cast light upon the person who needs the light without disturbing the rest of the room.

The size of the lamp is an important consideration when going out to the store to buy one. A lamp that is too small will be lost in a large and busy room, while you don’t want a larger table lamp overwhelming the room with its size or with the light it produces. Try to have some sort of idea about what size lamp you require for the space you’re planning to put it.

Although you are looking for a source of light, the lamps you place throughout your home are going to be a representation of your design style. They should complement the rest of the room without standing out too obviously. If you get the choice in table lamps right you will be going a long way towards achieving a well-harmonized room.

Verilux Woodbury Full Spectrum Desk and Table Lamp, Antiqued Brass and Cherry Wood

Elegant, yet highly functional this lamp provides excellent reading and task illumination while adding to any traditional or modern decor, Unique double-articulating arm and energy-efficient Global Cooling bulb provide correct illumination for any task. Handcrafted of rich hardwood veneers and solid metal. 10,000-hour Global Cooling bulb saves $100 in energy when compared to incandescent bulbs; delivering 150W of bright white light while only using 26 W of power.

Lite Source LS-224AB Banker Banker’s Lamp, Antique Brass with Green Glass Shade

New Banker’s Lamp Antique Brass 14.5″H Desk Lamp Banker Desk Lamp Introducing a new, innovative incandescent bankers desk lamp featuring adjustable shade, polished steel finish, and on/off switch. A 21st century flair to a classic original. Finish: Polished steel, Antique brass Shade: Frost One 60 watt incandescent A type bulb (not included) Dimensions: 14.5″ height Shade dimensions: 9″ long x 5.5″ wide Switch: On/off pull chain

Kenroy Home 30163 Classic Swing Arm Desk Lamp, Bronzed Brass

30163 This classic light fixture will fit in perfectly with your home and lifestyle. Its clean lines and elegant style provide a subtle accent to any room. No matter which room in your home you plan to place it, this lamp will be a bright piece worth noticing. Features: -Polished solid brass finish with pleated eggshell shade -16” high, 11” diameter shade -3-way switch -Requires one 100 watts (M) bulb (not included) About Hunter Kenroy The Hunter Lighting Group designs and markets the Kenroy and Hunter brands of lamps and lighting. Available via a distributor and retail network, they grace millions of homes, offices, and commercial spaces worldwide. While Hunter Fan’s heritage spans 3 centuries, its lighting is up-to-date in style, quality, and installation ease. In 1987, Hunter purchased Kenroy International, a lighting specialist with 40+ years of experience in residential and commercial decor. Blending this tradition with an experienced team and advanced equipment, they provide an unparalleled spectrum of products and services.