Simply Make Your Own Kitchen Curtains

Even if your sewing skills are fairly basic, you should be able to sew your own kitchen curtains. They do not have to be anything fancy, and as most kitchen curtains are attached to a curtain rod you only need to sew a hem at the top, bottom, and sides. If you can sew a straight line using a sewing machine, then you can make your own kitchen curtains!

If you are not sure exactly what style of curtain you want, it is a good idea to check online either looking for specific patterns for sewing curtains or even just checking out different pictures and photos. Once you have a simple pattern and your material, you should be able to finish up the curtains easily in the afternoon.

There are a few things to make sure of when buying curtain material for the kitchen windows. Do not get a material that is very hard to wash. Your kitchen curtains will become pretty dirty fairly quickly, so make sure the material you choose is machine washable, and that it stays looking nice even after a few washes. Another tip is to make sure the material you choose is easy to work with and to sew as that will make the actual sewing of them much simpler.

While you do not have to choose a pattern that is commonly found among kitchen curtain materials, you may find that it matches your kitchen décor nicely. If you have a country-style kitchen with spice racks and a wood grain look, you may find that curtains made from gingham material, with a check pattern, fit well.  Or if you are featuring a more Mediterranean look, with your olive oil bottles, and figs and pasta then you could buy material with grapes or grapevines printed on it, for example. Many people do not have a particular décor style in their kitchen, but really it does not take much to add a themed style to it, and it can look very quaint.

Some people opt for lace curtains for their windows that are tied at the side with a colored material, giving it a splash of color. If you choose lace or glass curtains remember that the sunlight can yellow them fairly easily and also light colors show dirt or grease stains instantly.