Toastmaster Bread Machine Reviews

Think you can’t bake preservative-free and delicious loaves of bread for your family because you don’t have the time to mess with a mixer and an oven and bread machines are so expensive? Think again because Toastmaster gives home bakers extremely affordable options.

Not many home bakers can pay for a bread maker at a premium but many can afford a Toastmaster bread machine. Although they are inexpensive, they come with as many functions as the more high end ones. Baking at home is no longer a luxury for the well off, you can do it too.

Toastmaster TBR15 Bread Machine

Retailing under $100 currently, the TBR15 Bread Machine has an 80-minute quick bake cycle which is great because even the busiest mom will be able to give her kids healthy homemade bread with the baking time shortened. Bake a 2 pound bread of any type you like, whether it is whole wheat, French, sweet or basic. You can make dough without baking in the machine itself too.

Making bread is so easy with this machine. It has an extra-large viewing window for you to peek at the baking bread, a “keep warm” cycle that will keep your bread toasty, and easy-to-read electronic touchpad controls.

The only drawback is that sometimes, the machine is unable to mix and bake your bread properly resulting in unbaked loaf corners. This is probably because the machine only has one mixing paddle. To solve this, you will need to stop the machine halfway through the mixing cycle and scrape up the corners with a spatula.

Toastmaster TBR20 Bread Machine

The TBR20 Bread Machine is an easy-to-use machine that even a 10-year old can operate because of the preset settings. You will not need to guess what your next actions will be, making it excellent for budding bread bakers.

Kids love the big viewing window because they can keep track on the progress of the bread. Additionally, I think that the back-up battery is great – if there is a power trip or if you accidentally turned off the electricity supply, the machine will continue where it has stopped suddenly.

On the downside, the cover is a little flimsy and has fallen off a few times in two years. This only happens when I’m removing the hot pan from the body of the machine and it isn’t a big problem for such an inexpensive machine.

While I think that the bread machine is great, I think it is too basic for experienced bakers. It does not give much room for users to experiment with the cycles and settings. This is definitely something for beginners or for those who just want to make simple bread for morning toasts. With the “Fast Bake” setting, you will be able to enjoy fresh bread in under an hour – pop in the ingredients when you wake up and let it work while you get ready in the morning.