Types of Large Rugs Available Today

There are many styles, shapes, and sizes of large rugs available. With the huge variety accessible, it is easy to find one to meet any decorating needs. No matter what the overall decor of the room is or the area to be rejuvenated, there is a large rug that will not only cover the floor but also compliment any room in the house.

Large rugs are intended to cover a room or a larger area than smaller types of rugs. Sheepskin rugs are known to be rather large. However, large rugs can be constructed from many different materials depending on the style. Wool or other textile fibers are used to ensure long-lasting durability.

The texture of rugs is important to the look and feel of a room. A large rug can be thick, such as shag materials. Some rugs are made of thick, knotted yarns. There are many styles that lie flat and smooth. If it is an outside area to be decorated, several different weatherproof materials are available as well.

There are Oriental rugs that are available in both contemporary and antique styles. Tibetan rugs have a heavy emphasis on the use of geometric figures. Handmade Persian rugs add a unique flavor as well as Sisal rug styles. Country, braided rugs add a comfortable touch. Southwestern designs add a flair of art to a decor. Contemporary rugs bring a touch of color to the modern decor. Each style of rug has several designs from which to choose.

Large rugs also come in several different shapes. Rectangular, circular, and oval are some of the most popular shapes. However, there are square-shaped rugs as well as hexagonal, triangular, and octagonal, and half-round models to choose from. There is many odd shapes available to add to that customized rugs and the choices of rug shapes are virtually endless.