When Redecoration Plans Run Askew You Can Cover Blemishes With Mirrors

You’ve done everything you could possibly imagine to decorate your home in the most sumptuous, stunning manner that you could possibly manage. Maybe you’ve hired a well-known interior decorator that has ripped apart your living space and reassembled it in his vision of what the perfect home interior is for you.

That means that he sought to make your home not only attractive but also fully functional and more conveniently arranged to enable you to accomplish everyday tasks and feel as comfortable as is humanly possible. That’s a tall order for anyone to accomplish, even if it’s a professional designer whom you’ve put on the job.

Doing It Yourself

Perhaps you’d prefer to do your own decorating because you have a vision of your own that you’d like to see come to life. And what better way to do it than to expend your own sweat and elbow grease in tasks that will increase your property value and provide you with a more aesthetically pleasing environment that is also more comfortable.

But perhaps your design skills are not all that they should be, because although you fancy yourself as an aspiring interior decorator who is just waiting to come out of her shell and show the world a new vision of what a beautiful home can truly be, you actually discover that you have absolutely no talent for any of this kind of work. And worse, still, you’ve turned your home into a bombed-out military bunker-like citadel that is on a slow boat to hell as you twist, tweak, and finagle the plans that you thought would be so dazzling.

They Might Laugh At You?

Yes, now you’ve made yourself the laughing stock of the mahjong table, and you secretly suspect that your “friends” are chortling about you behind your back and referring to your home redecoration project in condescending tones and disrespectful speech. Maybe they privately refer to the whole redecoration mess as “Dizzy Debbie’s Folly,” or “Addams Family II.” Let them laugh. You can quickly repair much of the damage done using a few simple props.

Covering Up The Holes

First, let’s cover up the holes your husband punched in the walls, out of anger or perhaps in a feeble attempt to follow your incoherent building plans. Get yourself some large oval mirrors and hang them over the punch holes. And, voila! Holes, what holes? You’ve solved a major problem cheaply that might have cost many thousands of dollars to repair.

This sort of idea could help you cover up the damage in all of the rooms where your husband ran amok with his Sawzall. But you might get bored of the oval-shaped motif, so why not patch up other rooms with large round mirrors? Get the difference? One kind is oval, and the other is round!

Try it on your home, and you’ll never have to be ashamed of the excruciating damage that you caused to your own home, sweet home. Invite your “friends” over, and then let’s see who has the last laugh.

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