Why Use Chimney Cowls?

Chimney cowls were a great innovation to how chimneys function in homes today. They were invented centuries ago and still remain in popular use today. They are the little toppers that you see in chimneys. Many people assume that they are for mere decoration and serve no real purpose; however, this is not the case. Cowls serve the very important function of blocking wind from entering the chimney. Normally the updraft from the fire in the chimney is enough to prevent air from moving back in the other direction. Sometimes this is not the case, however. Sometimes gusts of wind are so powerful that they could overpower the updraft and fill the person’s house with smoke and soot. That was particularly a cause for concern back when most people used coal to heat their homes because there was a great deal of smoke produced.

These cowls now come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are cowls that have flaps that open to allow smoke out. There are also cowls that work like turbines slowly filtering out the smoke with every turn. There are many different designs for cowls but they all suit the same purpose.

Cowls can be purchased at a variety of different outlets. Hardware stores have them, and of course, specialty fireplace and wood stove places will also have them. There are many online places you can buy one of these cowls.

A chimney cowl is just one of the many innovations from the past that still help to make the future a better place. They were invented before most of the technology we have and yet they are still in widespread use. These cowls help to make the fireplaces that many homes have a possibility. Cowls should be purchased for every chimney in your home to ensure the safe and long-lived operation of your fireplace or woodstove.