Wool Area Rugs Liven Up Your Home

Wool area rugs are a very popular way to add a little zing to your home without having to redecorate totally or having to think too hard about how you are going to freshen things up. They are especially good for people who live in a house with plenty of bare floors, particularly in Winter when things can get a little chilly. A few rugs strategically placed can make all the difference in making your home a cozier place to spend your time.

If you are looking for an authentic wool area rug that speaks quality and will last you for the rest of your life then you will want to take a look at the items made in the countries renowned for being the very best. Check out Armenian, Iranian and Afghan designs in particular. India, Pakistan, and Nepal also make some great rugs that you will be proud to have grace your floors and you might want to keep an eye out for a wool rug with Chinese signs if that is to your taste.

I didn’t mention Turkey but this country is one of the centers of rug production and distribution of traditional styles, and the East, in general, is the place to be if you as looking for the world’s best rugs. Thankfully these days you have access to these area rugs without having to travel halfway around the planet to find them, the Internet provides all you could desire.

These days, if you are looking for rugs you are not restricted to the traditional designs, you can also get contemporary styles that are washable and items that can even be used outdoors. European rugs from Spain and also African handmade examples are an interesting change from the designs you are used to and certainly add a little variety to your home.

For something completely different Mexican square rugs are very special if you can find a good one. They are often hand-woven and have a distinctive Aztec look that can be exploited on the floor as usual, or hung on the wall to create an interesting conversation piece.