Zojirushi BB-HAC10 – Best Small Bread Machine

Zojirushi has really been a great company to supply kitchens worldwide with the ability to make fresh bread through their array of automated bread makers. I trust only them to provide me with perfect gluten free bread, and now it seems that they have made a mini size bread maker especially for small families and those who do not consume bread as a staple during their meals.

A little heads up for those who are so used to Zojirushi, especially the fully programmable models because the Zojirushi BB-HAC10 does not have those in depth programming, so toss aside all that sophisticated timing for something more simple; a delay timer. Now do keep in mind this bread maker was never intended to bake for a large family, instead it would be put to better use by apartment dwellers or loners who happen to enjoy making their own bread.

Using this Bread Machine

Well I’d say I would use this if I didn’t have to make at least 2 lbs of bread for a single session, but this works very well when I’m too lazy to get my larger and more versatile bread makers out, not that this tiny one is not versatile enough (no programming? Oh no!). So anyway, just like you would any other bread maker, you place in the ingredients in, yeast powder and liquids, but no fruit, and if you are using the delay start you should never ever use dairy, asking why would be like asking what happens if you were to leave milk out on the counter for more than 20 minutes.

The buttons here are all labeled respectively, so just choose what type of bread you are making and the LCD display will show the always present countdown and temperature, nothing to worry about since you can’t change any of that.

This bread machine has all the regular things you would expect, the only difference would be the size of bread you can produce, this little dough puncher can whip out a maximum of 1pound, cake or bread, whichever you fancy. The regular dough maker functions like pizza and cookie are ever present (I rarely use them but I guess it’s a bonus). The quick bake cycle produces a fantastic loaf in just less than 2 hours, not as fast as others but I can say that there is no compromise in the texture or taste.

Nice Size, Not so Nice Looks

Now with all that aside let’s take a look at the cosmetic details of this bread maker. A big and obvious win would be the size, it’s small and so compact that you could store it, display it and even use it in one spot. A big bummer about the looks is that it has none, it plain white just like other zojirushi, but due to its size it seems very plain and unappealing, I didn’t like the way the edges would make it look like something round. The see through window on top is nothing to be surprised with, but it actually makes it look rather cute, if the unit did not have this I would have thought it was not too far from being a revolting sight. It also comes with a carrying handle.

The kneading paddle and the baking pan are both nonstick, the build is fairly secure but it would still be safe to clean under the paddle to prevent buildup.

For the end of the review I would say that I am satisfied with this Zojirushi BB-HAC10 bread maker, its small and it bakes just as well as anyone could. I would give this to a pair of newlyweds or when my kids are old enough to have a place of their own.